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About Us

CEIBA (pronounced say-bah) are trees native to tropical and subtropical regions, mostly in the Western Hemisphere. The Kapok is the most well known Ceiba species. Many species of the tree can grow quite tall with mostly branch-less trunks and large buttress roots that are coupled with equally large, sprawling canopies. Ceibas often play an important role in Latin American mythology and culture. In Puerto Rico, for example, the tree was often planted in the center of plazas for shade, and it is considered a valuable honey tree.

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Ceiba trees are a great representation of our intended brand identity: exceptional products made mostly with locally sourced honey and tropical fruits, evoking memories of and harkening back to Latin American traditions, flavors, and ideologies.

The five owners are: Eric, Sean, David, Brian, and James; a close-knit circle of family and friends who share an appreciation and passion for fermented beverages.  As the group became acquainted with honey wine ("mead"), Sean began to produce it with his father, David.  A hobby turned into a dream, which turned into a vision.  With help from Eric, Brian, James, and David, Sean's vision to commercially produce meads, fruit wines, and ciders, and share them with his beloved local community, has finally come to fruition  Ceiba officially opened its taproom doors on November 13, 2021. 

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